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- Glenn, Henry and all the folks at

The Folding@home Project

Team Mustangworld !

We invite you to join us in helping fight Alzheimer's, Cancer, Parkinsons and other diseases. Your participation can help lead to a cure for these diseases. How ? By donating your unused computer cycles.

So how do you do that ? Well taken from the words of Stanford University:

You can help by simply running a piece of software. Folding@Home is a distributed computing project run by Stanford University-- people from through out the world download and run software to band together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world.

The software runs in the background when your computer is not being used for other tasks.

For more information visit the Folding at home project page here.

This is the important part for Mustang fans:

Mustangworld's team number is: 37092

Amazingly with no promotion aside from our messageboards, team Mustangworld has placed as high as #67 in the world. Thanks to MW team members running this program on their computers. We are currently at just below #100. We are stll ahead of many fortune 500 companies like Apple Computer, Microsoft and others. Not bad for a group of Mustang lovers (and their friends). No matter what car you drive, we'd love to have you.

See Team Mustangworld rankings here.

See each members contribution to our team here.

We would love to have you as part of our team !

1) Download and install the software for your computer.
(there is a version for the Playstation 3 game console as well)

2) Enter your name and our team number: 37092

3) in the background, your computer will calculate data to help the project and your name will place in the MW team rankings.

You can install the software on many computers, just use your same name and team number 37092

We would like to thank all the people already on the team for their efforts and help throughout the years.

- Glenn, Henry and all the folks at

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