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-Impulse Engineering releases their 05+ Mustang Twin Turbo kit

-Steven turned his Saleen into a touching tribute to the fallen heroes in his unit

-Check out our Models and Celebs gallery from SEMA 2008

-Check out Part 2 of our coverage from SEMA 2008 main gallery over 1100 pics.

-Check out Part 1 of our coverage from SEMA 2008 outdoor gallery over 300 pics.

- See over 300 Photos from the OCMC Mustang Madness Show

- Bruno starts a new Mustang Project in Switzerland

- See over 500 photos from the BCMC Mustangs at the Queen Marry Show

- Check out Renee's 07 twin turbo V6 Mustang

- Ford Releases some sneek peek photos of the 2010 Mustang

- Hillbank releases clear GFM-ST1 Hood for 05+ Mustangs

- Check out over 300 pics from Saddleback Mustang Association Pony Car Celebration

- Shawn nabs some pics of Mercedes

- Check out Ford's the countdown to the 2010 Mustang

- Check out over 400 pics @ Team Shelby members / 281 Motorsports Rally at Cars and Coffee

- Saleen Speedlab introduces "Super Shaker" blower

- Chris makes his ram air hood fully functional

- Tsuyoshi takes a trip to California and rents a Shelby GTH

- Ginna and Deb hit the MW pin-up section

- Check out over 400 pics from OCMC's Crusin Brea Show

- Tyler squeezes the 6.8L V10 into his Mustang GT

- Kirk had his Mustang GT shipped to New Zealand

- Saleen offering new performance packages, Heritage styling, and 302's

- Check out over 300 pics from the 281 Motorsports Grand opening

- Ford's new 5.0L V8 for 2010 ? test bed spotted

- Check out over 600 pics from Fabulous Fords Forever 2008

- Mike gets some pics from the 100th Annual Chicago Auto Show

- Stangpede Transforms a Stock Mustang to a Movie car in front of a live audience

- Check out the new Boss Shinoda 429

- Newlyweds Chad and Erin pick up a Mustang GT as a gift to themselves

- Mustang GT500KR to be "kitt" in new Knight Rider series

- View over 600 pics from the BCMC show at Sunset Ford

- Check out over 1200 photos from the Los Angeles International Auto Show

- 2008 Bullitt Mustang Ford Press Release

- SEMA 07: Check out over 1400 photos in our Main SEMA Gallery

- SEMA 07: View our SEMA Models and Celebs gallery

- SEMA 07: Roush P51A Mustang & 427R track package

- SEMA 07: Stillen body kit for 2005 Mustangs

- SEMA 07: Speedlab releases ram air / supercharger all in one

- Look at pics from the OCMC Mustang Madness Show

- Check out the Wings, Wheels, Rotors & Expo show photos

- Fun times at the 11th Annual Saleen Car Show and Road Rally

- We nab over 400 pics from Fun Ford Weekend 5th Annual Pacific Nationals

- Check out Randy's Whippled Cobra and his family's Mustang's projects

- Check out over 600 pics from the MCSD Mustangs by the Bay Show

- Warriors in Pink Launches Celebrity mini-Mustang Auction

- We take a tour of Stillen and check out some of their projects in Costa Mesa

- Roush announces the 428R and plans 429R model

- See over 600 pics from the BCMC Queen Mary Show

- Check out Shaun's photoshoot of the beautiful Mercedes Terrell

- Check out close to 300 pics from the SMA 9th Annual Pony car celebration

- Check out Ken's Eleanor Gone Wild and Abraham's Barricade (transformers)

- Greg puts a unique hood scoop on his 94 GT

- Chad get's his 06 GT Turbocharged

- Ken creates a beautiful tribute Mustang to his father

- Mustang adds more standard safety and personalized options for 2008

- See the S281 Extreme in Transformers the movie July 3rd

- Ben gets his new 2007 black Shelby GT500

- We review the TurtleWax ICE car care system / polish

- Check out the COCOA's Concours de Nice show pics

- Ford wins most awards in JD power rankings

- EPA changes its MPG ratings. Check your car or truck's rating

- Bill creates his own 05 Mach 1 Mustang

- How To: Al does an 05+ Mustang Shifter install

- Brothers, Dan, Kevin and Bob love Orange Mustangs

- Mike was only 1 y/o when his dad got his 88 GT, now Mike has it

- Steve Saleen retires from Saleen Inc.

- Luke has been waiting since the first grade for his Mustang

- Linda gets a Mustang Mach 1 style for graduation

- Check out over 500 photos from Fabulous Fords Forever 2007

- Join the Mustangworld Folding@home team to help find a cure for cancer

- Randy and Walter have the superchargers installed on their 07 and 06

- Joel gets some Memphis Auto Show Pics

- Ford introduces the 2008 Shelby GT500KR

- David gets the whipple in his 06 Roush

- Looking for a Mustang club in the Cezch Republic ? See Mustangriders

- Several Mustangs take a cruise from the Saleen Store

- Mike throws a blower on his 05 V6

- Two brothers with two new matching Mustangs

- Rafael gets the Kenne Bell supercharger installed in his 05

- Kym gets some new pics in the MW Pin-up section

- New Mustang spy photos may offer glimpse of whats next for 2009

- Check out Georgio's Turbocharger setup on his 05 Mustang GT

- Mark throws a Kenne Bell supercharger on his 06 and working on 600HP

- Chris is enjoying the new year with his 07 Shelby GT500

- Check out over 1100 pics from the LA Auto show !

- Check out the Mustang by Giugiaro, a one-of-a-kind concept

- We nabbed a bunch of pics from the BCMC Mustang show at Sunset Ford

- Check out the Tour of Hillbank Motorsports

- Don't miss Natalie's new Mustang GT

- Shelby releases 40th anniversary GT500 Mustang

- Check out over 600 photos in our SEMA gallery 2

- Check out over 700 photos in our Main SEMA gallery!

- Don't Miss the Girls of SEMA gallery!

- Check out the SEMA wide angle lens gallery

- Check out Jason's 06 SEMA feature Shelby CS8

- Ford brings back the Boss 302

- Check out over 100 pics from the OCMC Mustang Madness show

- Cragar set to release a Special Edition Mustang

- GT500 owners can push 700 HP With the new Roushcharger

- Check out Steve's awesome Paint job on this police Mustang

- Some Mustangs and Exotics show up at Crystal Cove over 100 pics

- Beefcake gets a new Mustang Project

- View over 400 pics from the OC Autoshow in Anaheim, CA

- Tanya and Alex strike a pose on Shaun's Mustang

- Check over 250 pics from the BCMC Mustangs at the Queen Mary Show

- Check over 200 pics from the 10th Annual Saleen Show in Irvine, CA

- Kevin get's some pics form Woodward Dream Cruise

- Ford adds the 325HP Ford Shelby GT to the Mustang lineup

- Check out our pics from the new Saleen Retail Store in Irvine Spectrum Mall, CA

- Carlos is aiming to push 500HP at the rears on his GT

- John takes his 07 GT in the new Alloy Grey

- Shaun does a part 2 with Mercedes Terrell & Nikki Gray

- Kelly Clarkson does a GT 500 commercial spot

- Check out the new for 2007 Grabber Orange color on Rick's GT

- When Jim's not flying in his plane, he's flying in his 06 GT

- Danny adds a supercharger to his 05

- Check out Elise in our Pin-up section!

- Peter Valdes (cnn) checks out the new Shelby GT500 Mustang

- Bruno adds some extra flair to his Mustang in Switzerland

- Coronado Police add a 2006 GT to the force

- Going fast in Canada, check out Ted's blown 06 GT

- New Saleen Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang check it here and here

- Steve nabs pics of the 2007 Mustang GT/CS (California Special) on the streets of Long Beach

- Check out our over 300 pics from Fabulous Fords Forever

- Lyle got his new 06 with the Roush touch

- Check out the paint job on Louis' 03 Cobra

- Raj has a 00 Mustang and an 05 Mustang rolled into one

- Randy picks up one of only 30 Budget Rent a Car '96 Saleen Mustangs

- Check out Rick's 05 GT with unique right hand drive Australian conversion

- Rene is thrown down 500hp with his 93 Turbo

- Sean and his brothers all drive Mustangs

- Courtney gets some pics of the bumble bee Mustang Cruise

- West Coast Customs produces a new limited edition Shelby Mustang

- If you are in Scotland and hear an 05 GT it's probably David's

- Check out the 2007 Shelby GT500

- See our almost 400 photos from the 2006 LA International Auto Show

- XMP and Drift Alliance make world drifting history in XMP/Falken Tire 05 Mustang GT

- Check out Teal modeling on her friends Mustang

- Pedro has some funny mini car creations. Learn to make your own

- These thief's wanted a Ford GT really badly

- Check out Shaun's 99 GT vert with Mercedes Terrell

- How-To: Install a Mac axle back system in your 05+ GT

- We take a tour of BBK's new R&D facility

- Steve and Eric are currently deployed in Iraq, but they love their Mustangs

- Check out over 300 pics from SEMA Las Vegas

- MW speedshop updates with a few new items for 05+ stangs

- Check out our pics from the Brothers Performance show

- Jeni loves Mustangs... alot

- Mike turns his grocery getter into a 10 sec monster

- John and Jake get the new for 2006 18" optional rims on their GT's

- Check out our pics from the BCMC Mustangs at the Queen Mary Show

- Check out our pics from the 9th Annual Saleen Show

- Ileana get's her 06 GT in the new Vista Blue

- Eric spots the new Shelby Cobra !

- Bill gets some pics from his Mustang Cruise in NY

- Justus gets his 05 GT in Germany

- Blueovalnews has the scoop on the new $125k FR500c 05 Racing stang

- Check out our new 05 Mustang GT Project car

- Rodrigo havin fun with his 05 GT in Mexico

- Paul throws a supercharger on his 05 GT

- Kurt throws some duals on his 05 V6

- Jason takes his project Xtrm 281 to the next level

- The Bailey's pick up a pair of 05's for their stable

- 2005 Fabulous Fords Forever show pics

- Check out the Boyd Coddington Crazy Horse II

- Kym hits the MW Pin-up Section

- Shelby and SVT create the most powerful Mustang ever... GT 500

- Mustangs flexing their muscles in Bahrain

- Dave is having fun is his new 05 Saleen S281

- Al's family gets 3 new 05 Mustangs including an 05 convertible !

- More 05 info and releases from Team Shinoda and Razzi

- Tom, uses his GT Vert in his under cover work

- Check out the Opal Frost Mustang registry at stangbangers

- Mike grabs some pics from the Chicago Autoshow

- Now you can download the new Ford Performance Parts catalog

- Three brothers, three Mustang GT's

- American Idol 3 winner Diana DeGarmo sings in the 05 Convertible roll out in L.A.

- Ford rolls out the 05 Mustang Convertible

- Steeda Releases 05 Cold Air intake

- When you are a father and son who likes Mustangs you buy a pair of 05's together

-Ford and American Dreams salute to the Armed Forces check it out

- Stacy, Robert, Sonya, Scott and Hugo were at the wedding with their Saleens

- Ana gets her dream GT together in Switzerland

- Watch Johnny do a huge burnout in his 05 GT

- Tiger Racing's Carol Hollfelder drives their 05 racer with special hand controls

- Look at over 200 pics from the SEMA show who's star this year was the 05 Mustang

- Check out Tonia's real life Barbie pink Mustang !

- The 05 Saleen is revealed check it out

- More 05 Roush pics from the Roush Owners and Enthusiasts Association check them out

- Autoblog gets some clips of the new 05 Mustang ad featuring Steve McQueen!

- We check out some 05's at the local Ford dealer

- Check out a pic of the 05 Roush on Kev's site fnsweet

- Kam has reason to be excited, he just picked up his 05 GT !

- The BCMC put on an awesome show at the Queen Mary !

- MW Pin-up adventures from the Queen Mary show

- Check out our Saleen Show 04 pics

- Steeda Introduces the Brand New, All-American, Screamin' Yellow Q!

- Ron takes his V6 to V8 Cobra with his latest engine swap

- Michael is puttin down 400HP at the rear wheels... of his V6 !

- Check out the Eaton M90 supercharger on Ryan's 3.8L

- Andy goes for 500rwhp after an engine rebuild and a 497rwhp run

- Brad has no trouble lighting up the rears with his 470rwhp Turbo setup

- Part Cobra, Mach 1, and Saleen, check out Kiessling's 02 GT "FrankenStang"

- Mike and his dad hand fab a T4 turbo in his GT

- Kristy get's the PMP vertical door kit installed

- Thomas is now puttin down over 460 at the rears

- Some enthusiasts meet at Hooters in Ohio

get's pics from Knotts

- Mustang Celebrates it's 40th Anniversary in Nashville and Randy is there

- Soren's Project Punisher is unleashed on the streets of LA

- Check out our Knotts Berry Farm Fabulous Fords Forever 2004 pics

- 1slo5.0 (aka) sends a message from the desert

- Tom cracks 400RWP in his GT by adding some bolt ons

- Mike P nabs some pics from the Chicago Auto Show

- Richard goes from V6 to blown Saleen

- Randy catches the new Mystichrome 04 Cobras at the dealers

- Victor drops an 01 Cobra engine in his V6

- View driving footage of the 05 Mustang in this promo video

- Check out over 240 pics from the 04 L.A. Autoshow

- Blueovalnews has some 04 NAIA video clips, 05 Mustang media intro and more

- Check out the 05 Mustang

- It's all Mustangs for this Tx family :-)

- Ford's 300 millionth car produced is a Mustang

- Check out our SEMA part 3 pics

- Pics: SEMA Show part 2 MW Pin-up adventures

- Pics:SEMA Show part 1

- Oliver nabed some pics from the Stampede at the Village in FL

- Some pics from the Brothers Performance sidewalk sale and show

- Shaun got some pics from the Mustangs at the Bay SDMC event

- Just Married and out for a honeymoon getaway, Cobra style

- Phil grabs some pics from a Mustang show in England

- Trent freehands some cool Mustang and Ford artwork

- Drew got some cool pics from the 03 Saleen show

- All American Mustangs having fun in the Czech Republic

- Saleen to unveil a limited SA-20 Mustang for it's 20th Anniversary

- Check out Reanna, an all Ford girl with a 00 GT

- Check out Joey's $4000 paint job on his supercharged ride

- Jason puts an extreme touch on his Mustang GT

- Chris gets a new 10th Anniversary Cobra

- Adam took some nice pics at the Stallions Gate all Ford Show

- Trent is giving his 03 Cobra the Eleanor treatment

- Tony get's down with his Turbocharged Mustang GT

- David get's some pics from the 2003 Shelby Meet in Tulsa Oklahoma

- Kevin shows his dedication to Mustangs with his new tats

- Randy get's some pics from the Tennessee Valley Mustang Club show

- MW Pin-up Adventures: Karin at Knotts 2003

- Here are our 2003 Fabulous Fords Forever pics

- Check out the limited edition Boyd Coddington (Mustang) Roadster t- Mik

- Ford unveils special-edition 2003 40th Anniversary Mustang and 04 SVT Mustang Cobra w / MystiChrome paint. t -samajm

- RCMC had an all Ford day, check out the pics

- How-to: Les re-wires his Cruise Control Buttons to Control his Mach460 volume

- Some pics from the California Speedway NASA race and OCC show

- Kevin of FnSweet got some Detroit auto show pics

- Paul got some pics from the L.A. auto show

- The new Mustang concept hits the 03 L.A. Autoshow

- Learning to drive ? Learn in a Mustang

- MSN covers the Detroit show with some pics of the new Mustang concept t - vince

- Check out Ford's pics of the new Mustang Concept

- Here's an article with the latest new Mustang preview pics t- syn

- Jose is pumpin 332HP at the rears in his ATI supercharged 98 V6

- Check out Frank's 03 Mach 1 (DOHC) this one with automatic transmission

- Check out Ford's Centennial Edition Mustang t -samajm

- RCMC has a pic of the Roush 380R

- Some international enthusiasts: Mustangs in Japan

- Wolfgang hosts some other 05 Mustang concept ideas from around the web t - fd52

- Joshua is running 11psi on his supercharged V6

- Autoweek has an article on the 2005 Mustang

- Re-post w/ new pics: add a subwoofer box to your stock Mach460 system

- MWSS: New 01 - 03 GT scoop grille inserts

- Dave Wagner was there to capture the first Mach 1 off the line

- SEMA 02, the rest of the stuff, 4 pages 200 pics

- Check out our SEMA 2002 show pics

- Karin hits the Brothers Performance show pics

- Gtracer nabs pics of the Bacardi promo Mustang

- Check out Dennis Hall's amazing Mustang

- Over 200 pics from the 2002 6th Annual Saleen Show

- Don't miss Chirs' 99GT update with bonus wallpaper pics

- Don get's some pics of his patrol 5.0 from the MCA show in NC

- How to: Brian installs a set of Steeda Springs on his ride

- Gotta Yellow Mustang ? Check out the Yellow Mustang Registry

- Send a thanks our fighting men and women by visiting here

- Check out George's steering wheel mounted T.V.

- Steeda GT turns 12's at Moroso midnight madness

- Karin revs-up the GT in the pin-up section (video)

- How-to: freemod series. Todd makes his 99+ seats fully recline

- Les installs an AC outlet in his Mustang

- has put their Roush Registry up

- We extend the family of Gareth Davies (MW member and fellow enthusiast) our condolences, full story here

- Barry got some great pics at the TMS laps for charity event

- Paul gets a few pages of car photography tips up

- Mike nabs a few pics of the new $40k Roush 360R

- Don't miss Knotts photos from Kev, Ralph Chad and Brandon

- Pin-up adventures: Carmel hits Knotts

- 2002 Fabulous Fords Forever show, Knotts Berry Farm

- the Vancouver stangers get some 02 Vancover Intl. auto show pics

- The Gerlt's, a family of Mustangs, 5 and counting

- MW's new Valance and upper Grilles now available for 99+ Mustangs

- Check out Ford's Mach 1 Mustang

- Beyond Mystic: JR tries BASF extreme and PPG Harlequin color changing paint

- Luke's '99 Cobra finally made it to the UK

- Justin and Chad paint the interior of the stang (fixed link. how-to)

- Carmel hits the MW pin-up section

- Joey road runnin his V6

- Missy hits the MW pin-up section

- David get's into the 12 Second (NA) club and get his own baseball card

- Our condolences go out to the family of Steve Grebeck

- 30+ Cobras make their way up the So Cal. coast on StorminNorms pic page

- Luke and his dad hand ghost flame his stang

- new Shinoda Mustangs are appearing at dealerships

- the Ford family has a family of Fords (stangs) in their stable

- Scott's Cobra gets an update and don't miss his new tat eating a bowtie

- Gman flames his Bullitt

- Sabraj gets lambo style doors on his Mustang more pics on his site

- Blueovalnews has the latest 03 Cobra pics and info up. Check out this awesome new supercharged Cobra.

- The Mayor gets a supercharger and some other mods

- Jay throws a supercharger on the Bullitt

- Fnsweet has a cool long tube header install up

- the Houston stangers have a get together

- Randy is coming back from Op Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and he's in select stangs

- Install a billet fuel door on your Mustang (MWS how-to)

- UFO get's his low 12 sec stang's page updated finally :-)

- Modular shootout just got their new site up

- Ivan installs a tach in his 00 GT (how-to)

- Pics from the MMTB at the Silver
Springs Show in Ocala Florida

- Amy nabbed some pics at the Detroit Auto Show

- Kevin just installed an A-pillar gauge pod (how-to)

- Check out Mike's Cobra Tattoo

- Ralph get's a ton of nice pics up from the L.A. Auto Show

- Chris finds the Cobra R front splitter

- Jamie changes out the crank seal on her 90 GT

- Flashback: our Ford FR500 article repost ('99)

- Sema bits: Ground Designs Black Widow Cobra project

- now serving you on redundant DS3 lines

- Beefcake gets a new project Lightning

- Check out some Bay Area, CA Mustang Cruise pics - t rob

- Ralph puts the Bullitt intake on his 01 GT

- Denis and Tammie show their love of country with red, white and blue stangs

- MW Feature: stars and stripes pin-up series

- Adam redefines the dark side in his S281

- Alex got pics from Fordspeed's 1 year anniversary show

- Al get's some 17th annual Central Virginia Mustang Club pics

- Irvine California, some 2001 Saleen show photos

- New S281 -E 425HP Mustang shown at Saleen show

- Tragedy strikes close to home. Our prayers go out to the Penninger family

- September 11th Our prayers go out to all that suffered loss in the attacks against our country...

- Nice Steedas in Select Stangs today: Bob's Bullitt and Troy's 00

- MotorTrend gets their 2004 Mustang article online - t barry

- Dwayne takes the R to Woodward

- Check out Manny's 95 Twin turboed 5.0 Mustang

8/1 Don't miss Kevin's Santa Cruz Cruise pics and a bunch of other event pics

7/26 Car and Driver review the 2001 SVT Cobra -t samajm

7/26 Barry gets a ton of pics from the Mustang Roundup in Bellevue, WA.

7/24 Marty get's some pics from MM Pony Trails 01 Tour.

7/24 Some MW regulars have a tech day in Atlanta

7/16 500RWHP and counting in KC's Cobra

7/16 A gang of Mustangs in Brendan's Family

7/11 MW Global Mustangs Supercharged, NOS'd and boomin 00 GT in Oman

7/10 Scott is at 10:57 @ 127 all motor on his 84

7/10 Bullitt's keep flyin with Darryl's black #100

7/9 Proud Bullitt owner features growing with Destin & Elena's #101

7/3 Jeff grabs some pics from the Central Indiana Mustang Club meet

6/29 Eric drops a supercharged Lightning engine in his Mustang

6/26 Steve get's pics from the 27th Annual Ford Performance and Shelby Meet

7/9 Proud Bullitt owner features growing with Destin & Elena's #101

7/3 Jeff grabs some pics from the Central Indiana Mustang Club meet

6/29 Eric drops a supercharged Lightning engine in his Mustang

6/26 Steve get's pics from the 27th Annual Ford Performance and Shelby Meet

6/22 Thomas' pics from the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup

6/22 A few MW regulars get together at Al's for some pics

6/20 Karl get's his 01 Bullitt, it's like 1970 all over again :-)

6/20 Phil and Kevin make it to the show but get busted twice

6/15 Race n Rock show, Modern Mustangs of Tampa bay - t chris

6/13 Brian gets Saleen class pics at the MCA show in Nashville

6/11 Eloy's Saleen Cobra finally arrives

6/6 2001 All Ford Nationals at Carlisle PA pics

6/4 SCOASCC show up and show off event, over 200 pics

5/29 Rick & Wendy get their Bullitt !

5/25 Chris sets the pace in the Dominican Republic

5/23 Brian gets some pics from the 75/80 Dragway meet in Fredrick Maryland

5/23 Sean's 01 TT Cobra Rear Fascia ?

5/12 Check out Cindy Crawford's 98 lean mean and modded track machine

5/12 Mike and StorminNorm headed out to Willow Springs

5/7 Carl and son Tom get their new 01 Bullitt Mustang

5/4 The Houston stangers have a tech day

Brent's Mustangworld phone :-)

4/26 North East Georgia Mustang Club Show pics

4/25 Some Texas Mustang meet action from Barry and Mike

4/25 Ford Australia's Mustang Cobra (FTE)

4/25 Kevin get's some Knotts show pics up

4/23 Mikeone get's some show pics up from Fabulous Fords

4/23 MW: Over 200 pics from Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knotts Berry Farm

4/21 Frankie gets some pics from the recent Intl. sn95 late model owners club

4/19 Check out Dan B's TV screens in his visors

4/16 Thunderhill event day pics. t- Stan and the gang

4/13 Joe likes to run his 00 Cobra R

4/12 Frankie spots a True Blue Bullitt Mustang

4/11 How-to: Jonathan installs some Cobra tail lights

4/10 How-to: Michael installs an Oil Cooler in the Mustang

4/9 Free mod: Lowering your wiper arms t-angelo

4/8 MW ubb forums get upgraded

4/4 Gotcha - Michael's Texas horns -t tony

4/2 Dave & DZ make a rollbar and install it on his stang

Curtis' pics from the MCA National show in Pensacola, FL

3/29 Travis gets his 01 Cobra

3/26 The Houston stangers meet and race, Barry got some pics

3/19 Check out these 01 Roush reviews from Autoweek and Edmunds t-vince

3/13 A moment of silence for Daniel's 91 GT

3/12 Mike's dad get's the stang, he get's the lightning

3/6 Dan took some pics at the International car show in Canada

3/5 Beefcake is now running 10's in his modded 99 Cobra

2/28 Gabriel's story, a Mustang in Italy

2/27 Rick get's some pics from the Detroit Autorama

2/25 Matt, Ian, Ralph and more check out Paxton Automotive

2/23 Alain get's pics from the Montreal Auto Show in Canada

2/23 The ladies of Poorboys Performance strike a pose

2/22 Barry catches some of the Texas regulars at Hooters and at the track

2/22 Benji's pics from the 2000 Shelby convention

2/21 Joey gets some pics from the World of Wheels show in Alabama

2/20 Scott grabs some cool pics from the San Diego Auto show

2/20 Brian's S281 and other stangs from Harrisburg PA's Motorama show

2/20 Thomas runs his 01 GT in the UK
2/18 Our prayers go out to the family of Dale Earnhardt.

Ryan nabs some pics from a dyno day in Phoenix, AZ

$30k in prizes in the Modular Shootout Challenge 01 and car show - Sw

Steve, Rob, Mark, Mike, John and more tear up Sears Point raceway
2/6 DZ installs some hood pins on his ride.
2/3 Select stangs: Colonel Bob M. Mustang GT in europe.

2/1 SVT has updated 2001 Cobra info and color availablity charts t - samajm

2/1 A white 00 Cobra R ? Check out Chris' SVT-R project (update)

1/31 How to: Steve shortens his factory antenna for a cleaner look
1/29 Mike gets some pics from the Houston Autoshow
1/29 The MMTB meets up at Silver Springs show
1/22 Some of the Houston stangers take part in a dyno day
1/17 Kaminari releases new hood for 94 - 98 Stangs
1/17 Mark Z nabs some stangs in Detroit
1/15 Larry and Sean give their stangs a touch of Steeda
1/15 Some stangers gather in Norcal
1/12 We check out the L.A. Auto show and grab some pics
1/08 Ground Designs get's their new Mustang kit photos posted
1/08 A message from the Houston UBB Stangers
1/05 Ford brings the Bullitt GT to life -t samajm
12/21 How-to / tip: Make a set of exhaust cutouts from oil drum caps - t Mike
12/20 How-to: Install an aftermarket front sway bar - t Daniel
12/19 How-to: Install a Mac Cold air Intake kit - t Jonathan
12/19 Make your own MIL eliminators with Radio Shack parts for you 4.6 stangers - t Crs & Chd
12/18 How-to: Get some extra leg room in your stang - t Samajm
12/16 Tim get's his 01 and Randy is ready to roll in his 98
12/7 Mike catches a 2001 Saleen on his camera
12/5 Chris' 4 year old son has a nice place to sit in the rear of his stang
12/4 Steven headed up to Sears Point for some pics of the TCC event

12/1 Watch out where you park your ride

11/28 Rosman get's his new 01 and Roger puts a body kit on his

11/27 If you live in Whittier, CA, you have to check out the Mayor's ride
11/24 Here's Edmunds article on the 01 Roush Stage 3 t-Kev

11/24 Nick get's some pics from a show in Winnipeg, Canada
11/22 2000 Cobra & Aussie Ford power at the Australia Motor show t-Pete S.
11/20 Check out Laura's NMRA weekend racer
11/17 Kevin rebuilds his 4.6L (SVO blower and more)
11/17 George slaps some 295/35/18's on his 2000 GT rears
11/17 It was Jim vs the deer in Maryland you decide who won
11/15 01 in OK, Craig and his wife get their new GT
11/13 Some MW regulars get together in the Bay Area, CA t-scott
11/13 Rob get's his new True Blue 01 GT Vert !
11/12 Mike gets a shot of the new Mineral Gray color for 01
11/6 Ford to recall many 5 speed Mustangs for e-brake fix t-m&s
11/4 Chris of Modern Mustangs of Tampa Bay shows us a day of fun pics
11/3 Some other stangs that were at the SEMA show.
11/2 Blowers: Paxton rolls out Novi 1000 line, Powerdyne gets loud with new XB-1 and Vortech kits and V7
11/2 Have your pony or cobra art on wheels with Yes design rims.
11/2 Check out Ground designs 99 + body kit
11/1 More from SEMA the CDC Shaker Mustang and Steeda's new 01
11/1 SEMA: Check out the 01 Roush Stage 3, Kenny brown V6 and Razzi R21
10/30 What it took to get the stang ready for sale in Australia. t-Pete S.
10/26 In memory of the naval personnel who lost their lives on the USS Cole.
10/24 Some MW regulars meet in Houston TX at Hooters.
10/24 See Mike's blend of Xenon, Ford and Roush exterior parts in his 00 stang.
10/19 Check out the 2002 T-Bird t-don.
10/16 Roger get's his 2001 GT vert !
10/14 Ford get's 2001 stang info up on their page, 360 views, pics, etc. t -m&s.

10/13 For those that missed it 2001 specs and changes.
10/12 Ron R get's his 2001 Vert !
10/12 Jeff Lacina gets his new site up.
10/11 Cali judge issues recall on 83 - 93 stangs and other cars t- EJ
10/9 Dean get's a bunch of various show pics. Shelby series 1, and more.
10/9 Check out Ron's FR500 seats, steering wheel and other mods.
10/7 Anthony get pics from Fords at Trebour show
10/7 Mario gets some excellent pics from CSM
10/6 Scott and Wayne's supercharged superfast daily drivers.
10/5 Susan rips up the track with her GT and LX in select stangs.
10/3 California Speed Meet pics from Valencia & Pismo Beach, CA
10/3 More 2001 Stang pics - t samajm.
10/2 We tour Brothers Performance in Corona, CA and get dynoed
9/30 Kevin gets pics from show at Cordova Dragway, IL

9/28 Need 4 Speed has a 99 - 00 V6 supercharger kit
9/27 Kaminari just releases body kit for 94 - 98 Mustangs
9/26 Kevin's project: a hybrid 96 console in a 86 - 93 stang
9/26 For Saleen enthusiasts and info, check out Lisa's Saleen
9/19 Beefcake takes his 99 Cobra into the 11's
9/19 Barry ('00 S351) gets a load of Saleen show pics, S7 and more
9/18 MW: 4th Annual Saleen show pics and show special select stangs.
9/15 Charlie grabs a few pics from a show in Dallas.
9/15 Slib get's some road racing video action (West Coast Suspension Shootout)
9/15 Drew's supercharged road racer & daily driver.
9/14 Check out Gonzo's pics from Northwoods Cobra Club / show.
9/13 MW regular Kev (roush2k) clears his stock 2000 corner marker lights (how-to w/pics).
9/13 DZ got some pics from a show in Milpitas, CA.
9/13 SVTCrew stang club takes 12 trophies in Santa Maria show.
9/13 More pics from the MCA nationals show on the SCMC website.

9/13 Stangonline got a ton of pics from Fordspeed's grand opening in the event pics section.

9/12 Canada get's 8 character license plates. Peter and JF in select stangs from Canada.
9/11 Craig swaps IRS for live axle and many other 99 Cobra mods in select stangs.

9/6 Mike and Bryan report from Carolina with a ton of great show pics.

9/2 Some pics of the 2001 Mustang and interior. -t samajm
9/1 Gil reports from Autodrome St-Eustache, Canada show, burn out pics and mpg.
8/30 Ralph nabs some 00 Cobra R pics at club meet.
8/30 Flea get's some new rims & pics on his 00GT (

8/28 We take a behind the scenes look at BBK's new manufacturing facility.
8/28 DZ grabs some Sacto show pics on
8/26 Ford Dealer Council forming where you can buy cars online. - t samajm
8/26 Matt get's some Saleen S7 pics from Pebble Beach.
8/24 Some 2001 Mustang Changes and specs.
8/23 Rouge Steel Mustangs makes a double 00R splash at the Woodward dream Cruise.

8/23 Stangers & F-bodies rip up the track in Sacramento, tons of pics at Strictly50's clubsite.

8/22 Arthur is stationed in the UK (US Air force) but his Roush is in Select Stangs.

8/22 LA Times article on the new Saleen S7
8/21 Samajm gets a new paint job on his Cobra.
8/21 Two Saleens a Cobra and a fastback Josue and friends in select stangs.
8/19 Saleen is unveiling a new creation today on their site. The S7
8/17 Steve F. get's a ton of pics and info from the SVT experience.
8/16 Steve B. get's some 2001 Lightning pics from the SVT Experience
8/14 The Ford SVT Experience website is online -T samajm
8/14 Steve T is going for the full Saleen conversion on his stang.
8/11 In case you missed Steven's 315's on his 99 Cobra here it is.
8/10 Check out Modern Mustangs of North America
8/9 You might have seen Marlon Mitchell on the X-Show (FX) and other shows, here is some of his club info.
8/7 Chris get's tons of pics from NMRA event in Illinois.
8/5 Terry now has filed and a new BBS.
8/3 We check out MGW's billet E-brake handle and light knob.

8/2 Doug has the FR500 interior trim in his 2000 GT.
8/2 Jeff grabs some Saleen and Cobra R pics from show.
8/1 Want your own 00 R? Wheelspin nabs Cobra R pics from dealer.

8/1 Rouge Steel Mustang's get's their 00 Cobra R
7/31 Scott is back from the Ford Superfest in Milan, MI, B. Glidden and Cobra R show up.

7/27 Some new 2001 Mustang Pricing info. -t sjm

7/27 Check out SouthernStang, some styling how-tos and more.

7/27 SVT lightning gets more HP for 2001? (375HP). MT

7/26 Check out a bunch of pics from the Cyberbrawl race event.
7/25 Mike spots GT badge mixup on stang in dealer lot.
7/24 Check out some pics from a cruise in SF (MW'ers and stangers).
7/24 Ralph's stang burns to a crisp in shop fire :-(
7/21 Robert spends a day road racing at Mustang Club of Central Iowa meeting.
7/19 David spots Cobra R at Centerville Drag, Arkansas.
7/18 For hard track use Beefcake swaps in solid axle in place of 99 Cobra IRS (
7/18 Barry get's a ton of stangs NW MCA show pics.

7/17 Speed-pro announces PowerForged pistons for 4.6L V8's

7/14 Jason spots the 00 Cobra R in a shopping mall in Canada.
7/14 See some video from MGW/SCMC test & tune/shootout (in the multimedia section).

7/13 Summit Racing's Box 5.0 project pumps out 495 HP !
7/13 Scott grabs some pics from Muscle Car Night in Dublin, CA.

7/12 There are now no door handles on Danny's stang.

7/8 How To: Make yourself some ramps to raise your lowered stang at home for around $30.

7/6 Chris Kelly's, Bennett 393 stroker in Select Stangs.
7/3 Mark reports from the 21st annual Mustang club of Great Britain show, many stangs.
7/3 Shaun is stationed in the UK (US Air force) but his 99 Roush is in Select Stangs.

6/30 Eleanor, Jay Leno and P51's. Jason reports from the Mustang Wings & Wheels show.

6/29 Late model and classic stangs from Germany t-Wolfgang.
6/28 AL's June Fun Ford Weekend pics.
6/28 Ford Racing plans to release some FR500 parts.
6/27 Mike gets some Gate City Mustang club show pics fron NC.
6/26 Check out Sean Hyland's offering to the superstang arena the S2 and S4. t- Barry. Info also on SHM's site.
6/23 Having 425HP in your stang off the dealer lot can be fun, Barry's S351 dyno day pics.
6/22 JBL has some FR500 info on their page t-Bri H. If you missed our FR500 article last year it's here.
6/19 A few MW'ers headed out to Laguna Seca for some laps. Don't miss Sears point videos on Rob's site.
6/16 Kevin sends some classic and late model pics from show in Milpitas, CA
6/15 Gilles D. get's TC design show and live burnout show pics, (Canada).
6/15 Steven F. has Mustang Club of Central Iowa pics and Mid America perf & Shelby meet pics.
6/14 David get's some WFC3 show pics.
6/7 Check out some cool 2000R artwork
6/5 Will get's a bunch more pics from the Va Beach show, Roush, classics and more
5/30 A supercharged SVT Lightning engine in a Mustang? -t samajm
5/30 Ford moves Mustang production out of Rouge complex in Dearborn - t samajm
5/30 Some MW'ers race at Sears point and DZ & Benski take some stang pics.
5/26 Mike C gets some pics from the 12th Ford roundup in Roanoke Va
5/24 Dylan get's some pics from St. Louis stang show / race.
5/22 See the new MGWLtd GT and V6 style knobs.
5/22 A day in the bay, pics from some Nor. Cal MW'ers on Stevens page.
5/19 Dan P got some pics from Cambria Saleen tour on his site (at bottom).
5/19 Steve L made this cool Mustang coloring book, nice.
5/17 Some MW regulars were at VA Beach for a Ford show.
5/15 How about painting the chrome pony corral to match your stang ?
5/15 Low ET Performance dyno tests their 4.6L spacer.
5/10 Beefcake get's 11" wide 315x35/17's rear and 275/40 front rims & tires on his Cobra
5/8 Michael took pics from Engineered Performance in Atlanta dyno day, many Cobras showed.

5/3 David's 99 has the stallion side exhaust and a functional ram air hood.
5/3 Interesting info about the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds" original & remake.
5/2 MGW Ltd.'s Project cars, George's 00 GT and his Viper.
4/28 Rob has some Laguna Seca NASA road racing mpegs up on his site.
4/28 Check out DZ's Roush toolkit.
4/27 Nice rides, Kevin's 98 GT & 2000 lightning
4/26 2000 Cobra production cancelled.T- samajm
4/26 How To: Painting the chrome pony corral grille black (99 and 2000).
4/25 More Fabulous Fords show pics up at Strictly 5.0 clubs site.
4/24 How To: Cutting your aftermarket headlight covers to show the corner markers.
4/22 A Sunburst gold weekend with Mike and T.J.'s stangs.
4/15 Cool: Stephen W get's his concept drawings online.
4/15 Info: Check these cool EEC4&5 code reference pages.T- DZ
4/13 How-to: Install a hood scoop and side scoops on your stang.
4/12 2000 model year Cobra production delayed. T- samajm.
4/12 Cool: the Emergency Vehicles Owners and Operators Association and the Mustang special service registry. T- John B.
4/12 Brian is now offering a render for hire service get your stang hand drawn.
4/10 Steven (Slib) get's a bunch of pics from the Fabulous Fords show on his site.
4/10 MW: Fabulous Fords Forever show 2000 from Knotts Berry Farm.
4/7 Cobra R Lemans racer ? Photo hacks.
4/6 How-to: Install a shift light in your Mustang.
4/4 A couple of MW regulars hit the SCCA clinic tour in S.D.
4/3 Steven get's the whole IPS suspension treatment on his 99 Cobra. 2 pages of pics on his site.
3/28 Greg's Vorteched 99 V6 in Select stangs also check his V6 site
4/3 How-to: More details on the stock rear wing move mod.
3/30 Tom and Pete have put togeher this cool SVT Cobra Mustang recognition guide, looks nice.
3/29 Cool Cop: MrrrG99 with his 99 GT and V8 Ford patrol car.
3/27 How-to: FR500 Steering wheel for 94 - 00 stangs.
3/25 See Hackker's 2000 Zinc Vert and Michael's 2000 Zinc Yellow GT (both factory Ford special feature option cars).
3/21 We review the new Cobra and GT billet accessories from MGW Ltd.
3/18 Bradenton Fun Ford Spring Break Shootout pics by Greg 99GT
3/18 Sean get's some pics from the World International Auto Show in Atlanta
3/17 John H. moves his stock 99 wing back a few inches for a unique look.
3/15 New Cobra R production begins. Press Release - t. Samajm
3/13 Here is the latest Cyberbrawl press release info.
3/3 Hear what Edmunds said about the 2000 Cobra R. Cool Underside exhaust pic. - T samajm
3/1 Check out the 2000 Cobra R specs & pics.
2/29 Steven get's some Sears Point H.P.D.E pics. 99 Cobra passing a C5 :-). Mpegs at Rob's site.
2/29 MW: Paxton Novi 1000, 2000 and 3000 supercharger pics.
2/23 MW: We explore the HEC diagnostic mode of the 99 and 00 gauge pod cluster.
2/22 Car and Driver has this new FR500 article online.
2/21 Milos and Mark send in some Bullitt and Cobra R pics from the 2000 Chicago Auto Show. For more pics Mario has nearly 100 pics on his site.
2/16 Fred got some pics from the from the Indianapolis car show.
2/11 Some more drawings of the Bullitt Mustang concept. T- Steve.
2/8 Steven has some pics of the S.F. cruise Part 2 .
2/3 2000 SVT Cobra ! "Cobra" on the rear bumper. T- Dave C.

2/1 Dan has pics of his video camera mount in his stang. Also, his webpage.

2/1 Brake cooling duct and IO port video camera mount bar pics
1/31 Carlos' 1/18th scale Maisto 99 Mustang models.
1/27 Cool tech bit: Got a Nokia cell Phone ? Eric Bensel made this cool Pony logo you can download to the digital display !
1/26 Check out 9 month old Tyler and his Ford t-shirt future Mustang driver ?
1/20 Will the Bullitt Mustang be a Ford factory option in 2001 ? t-Harley

1/17 Mike get's a bunch of pics from the World of Wheels show.
1/1 John finished up his RC Cobra and took some pics next to his stang. Check them out.
12/31 V8venom get's an MSD shift light install and other nice wire diagrams and pics up.
12/27 Some nice pics of Tremor's 99 stang on his site.
12/21 Scott C. is currently deployed in the Persian Gulf (Apache pilot), but his stang is in Select Stangs. 12/18 Jeff kicking butt on the road course at Sears Point, in select stangs.
12/14 Concepts pics By Sean Sweeney. Future stangs ?
12/13 Long time MW reader Barry get's his Saleen S351R !
12/11 Check out Mike's 99 Lightning, dyno and track times.
12/8 More info just in on on the Dynopack "No wheel" dyno article.
12/2 People vote Mustang America's Favorate car on Kelly Blue Book site. t - sam, hilde
12/1 How does the V6 Stang hold up against the V6 Camaro ? C&D - t Rich
11/30 Ford is sharing computer secrets with the aftermarket (SEMA). - t John.
11/25 Here's a useless fact with a twist about technology. - t Sh.
11/16 Dallas Mustang Parts: Team Shinoda Mustang is formed !
11/15 Steven get's over 70 pics from the Good Guys Car show on his site.
10/26 Rohnert Park Police (CA) get's a 98 4.6L Mustang patrol car ! - t. Don

10/16 Steven get's more pics of his 99 Cobra and don't miss Don's, Scott's and Jay's stangs also.
10/9 Dave get's close to 50 cool pics up from the 99 Saleen show on his website.
10/8 A bunch of V6ers get together at V6power's Midwest meet, tons of pics.

9/26 99 Cobra fix dyno graph. Sent in to us by Brian L. See the HP increases given by the fixed intake, catback and recalibration.
9/25 Dan and Steve spend a day with Bruce and John Griggs of Griggs Racing at their shop. Check out the pics !
9/25 Rocky K. took some pics of a 4.6L Cobra header install, check them out.
9/23 Pics of the 99E04 service recall for some 99 stangs. Letter and photos are here. Tx. Masgt99.
9/20 2.3L Mustang LX. Here's a site dedicated to 2.3L Mustang performance.

9/14 Check out some pics from some MW members at 3rd ESTA gathering at Jeff's page from 9/12.
9/13 Ford Fun Weekend pics ! Miguel's site and Steven's site have pics w/index.
9/4 What are America's most stolen cars? Check out Carpoint review.
9/10 Some cool MW members had their 2nd ESTA Safty Park Dragway meet, view the excellent photos by Jeff H. !

9/9 Andy moves the A/C controls down for better stereo position. In select stangs.

9/7 Dan Z has made a neat animated movie of his stang in Flash format.
9/1 Check out Ford's new for 2000 Sunburst Gold color on a 3.8L. Tx. Scott.
8/31 A bunch of MW members drive down the Cali coast to Carlsbad raceway for a day of fun, many pics on DZ's page.
8/29 The 2000 Mustangs arrive at Ford dealers ! Check out some pics sent in to us.
8/20 Ford previews youth movement. Will 25 million Gen X'ers (ages 20 to 35) determine the vehicle market for the next 30 years ? - Fp.
8/20 MW is in the "cyber stallions" section of the Oct. issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords! Tx. Jeff B and Jim C.
8/14 Check out Automotive Programs By Bowling for calculators on HP, fuel injection, ET, MPG, speedo gear, pistion velocity and much more.
8/11 Here's Edmunds take on the 99 SVT Cobra Horsepower output. T. Brian.
8/10 Don't Miss Summit Racing's project Quickstang a 1000HP Mustang ! Tx. SilverGT50.
8/5 Check out Rich Ford for the Saleen S281 Cobra Edition with IRS ! Tx. Sean S.
8/5 What is the fastest car you can buy ? Popular Mechanics ran some tests. Tx.JM, Ec.
8/3 What's your used stang worth as a trade in ? Retail ? Find out. Use what the dealers use Kelley Blue Book online.
8/2 Carpoint does a 2000 model year preview w/pics (all manufacturers).
8/2 New website: features on both cars.
7/22 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series drivers visit the "Home of the Mustang" Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant.
7/19 MW regular Barry took over 70 pics from the NW Mustang roundup in Bellevue, WA..
7/13 MW: For '99 models, you can use your digital counter display like a free mini diagnostic computer ! Tx. Ejh99 & Ad99gt.
7/7 In Print: Aug. Motor Trend puts 17" Pep Boys tires against Goodyear ZR's on a 99 GT stang. Autoweek polls it's readers, places 4 Fords in it's domestic top 10 including F150 and 99 Mustang (no Camaro:-).
6/30 Vortech Engineering get's a new location and introduces a '99 GT 4.6L 2V supercharger and other new products
6/27MW: Here's some Xenon kit pics on a '99 vert. MW "gotcha" street pics.
6/26 Xenon get's their new page up (body kits). Check out the wild project 99 stang on the cover.
6/22 Lost your Mustang's owners manual? Download it free on the net at Ford's Owner Connection website .
6/18 Damon's pics: Some Fords from the Petersen Museum. Cobra, KR, Pantera and more (index list).

6/18 Turn your old Ford truck into a new 4x4 Hummer for only $8 grand ?

6/17 New site goes online. Check it out.
6/14 28 year old Jason Betwarda "Racin Jason" was killed when his Mustang drag car flipped at the Lebanon Valley Dragway, all our prayers go out to his family and friends.
5/21 Team Mustang sweeps road race event in Nevada. Vette and Camaro teams get beat badly. Visit Freak Racing for excellent race prep info. Congrats Russel and Roger!
4/27 Some cool sites out of our link - how-tos and much more, - cool all V6 site.
4/21 Tons of pics from the 35th show in Charlotte, NC hit the web check out some hi-res at
4/12 A couple of Mustangworld MB regulars get together and take some cool pics of their stangs!
4/7 Got a ticket? Get it wiped from your record by taking traffic school over the internet ! (CA & Texas so far).
3/4 Have you seen Ford's offical auto accessories site? Check it out. T. DJ.
2/24 Car and Driver has a Camaro vs Mustang for '99 article online.
2/8 Here's a good article on the '99 Cobra IRS. t. D&S.
2/3 Everything you wanted to know about the nation's toughest smog laws (in CA).
1/24 Rich Ford now has pics of the limited edition 35th anniversary Mustang.
1/23 In case you missed it, MM has a great convertible light bar install for '86-'93 posted.
1/20 Here are other Ford screensavers, logo and traction control .SCR's. t. B99gt.
1/20 Mike captures some MW regulars at the track burning out in his photo gallery.
1/18 Did you know Ford Motor Co. has a Mustang screensaver and wallpaper ? Check it out here. t. DD.
1/18 3.8L V6 throttle body from Accufab and Mac headers for 3.8L from Need for speed. 1/16 For you 5.0 Cobra fans check out James 5.0L Cobra homepage. History, pics & more.
1/15 Sanders Racing club in WI has a some cool racing members, pics and mod lists.
1/14 Look at the new the '99 Steeda Mustang ! A nice pic on their website.
1/14 Brian of High Octane Design made these cool all ascii text Mustangs, GT and SN95, neat :-) 1/13 The 99 Saleen! Check out some pics Rich Ford has for you, convertible and coupe. Thanks MW mbr ! Price info at the offical Saleen website.
1/12 Mustangs are kicking butt worldwide ! Check out Carlos Ariza's page covering events at the first drag strip in the Dominican Republic ! many pics.
1/3 If your mad about trucks then you need to bookmark A great feature packed web resource. 1/2 Look at Need for Speed's unique 3.8L V6 Supercharger! No oil taps, and priced right!
12/14 Are Mustangs Dinosaurs? Mike's page has the article. Don't miss his home made ram air article while your there (87-93).
12/9 A computer in your stang? Check out the Microsoft / Clarion Auto PC.
11/12 Check out MW regular Carl's new hi-res SEMA show pics of the '99 Cobra !
10/15 Own and drive a Cobra R for around $150? Check out Tamiya's Radio Control Cobra kit.
10/7 For a nice price list on Mustang parts look at GTR performance, -t. Ron :-).

10/7 Get a low down on some ECC4 codes and how you can read them with only your volt meter.

10/7 MW messageboard readers get some cool new web pages put up ! DJ- 95GT conv, Ron- 98 GT, MikeS- 89GT, Steve's page, Teal94- 94GT, Barbra- 98 Conv. and wordup's -too cool. Excellent work ! 9/4 Don't miss Motortrend magazine's review of the new '99 Mustang (direct link)!
9/4 Check out Rusty purging the NOS on his V6 !
8/21 Check out Walt's list of mods on his stang, painted bezel, alarm module, cool. 8/21 Steve's Mustang Chat room has opened up here, if you need to talk.
8/5 Need new carpet in your SN95? How about a new convertible top? Check out Autostyles accessories.
7/30 Got a convertible? Here's a two piece painted tonneau (speedster) cover pic, along with pics of mods at Mike's '98 GT page.
7/30 For a cool on-line Stang newsletter you can read Steve's Street Racer's HQ page. 7/30 Want to disable your Stang's daytime running lights? (In Canada stangs have DRL.) Check out GC's how-to on it.
7/23 For the web's first all Mustang search database check out Messageboards, chat, part for sale listings & more.
7/23 Here's a V6 Mustang messageboard and a slew of other messageboards. Check out Inside the web. You can search for and create your own messageboards here as well.
7/23 You may want to check out Late Model Mustang for some interesting info about mods and parts. 7/19 Are Camaros and Firebirds Dead? Motortrend article. Thanks Dave, check out his webpage for those Saleen Car show and Cobra pics you might have missed.
7/17 Latest links: March Performance, pulleys, ram air's & more. Performance Suspension Technologies, suspension parts and Jamex suspension parts.
7/14 The August issue of Car and Driver features the 0-150-0 test, pitting stangs from Kenny Brown, Saleen and Steeda against Vipers, Porsches, Vettes, Nsx's and more.

7/9 If you want to hear a '97 V6 with a dual GT exhaust on it visit Eddie's Web site. Nice.

7/9 Wish you had the '98's dual cupholders in your '94-'97 stang? Check out G's excellent cup holder "how-to" on his Mustang webpage ! And his killer convertible stang.

Looking for a high performance blower shop in Texas? Check out Xcl Motorsports Don't miss the quarterhorse project.

7/9 Check out the Eastwood website for an online source of unique hard-to-find tools and supplies for restoring or customizing cars. Really neat stuff for the home mechanic. Free catalog.

7/9 Wish you had the '98's dual cupholders in your '94-'97 stang? Check out G's excellent cup holder "how-to" on his Mustang webpage ! And his killer convertible stang.

7/1 Mustangworld: 98 Cobra Project Mustang We get a '98 Cobra Convertible for DOHC projects. Check out the pics !

7/1 Looking for a high performance blower shop in Texas? Check out Xcl Motorsports Don't miss the quarterhorse project.

6/22 Mustang and all Ford show hosted by The Heart of Carolina Mustang Club. All Ford-powered vehicles welcome. Raleigh, Oct. 10. For more info: Al (919) 387-4585.

6/8 Plastic Model Kits: Revell-Monogram have the '96 Cobra and other kits. They have one for the '99 Mustang as well.

6/8 Light bars, tail light blinkers and more for your stang at Classic Design Concepts.

6/3 How about the Mach3 lights on the SN95? See the Mustang 2001 and other neat pics at Watchdevil's Mustang page.

6/22 Mustang and all Ford show hosted by The Heart of Carolina Mustang Club. All Ford-powered vehicles welcome. Raleigh, Oct. 10. For more info: Al (919) 387-4585.

Plastic Model Kits: Revell-Monogram have the '96 Cobra and other kits. They have one for the '99 Mustang as well.

Light bars, tail light blinkers and more for your stang at Classic Design Concepts.

How about the Mach3 lights on the SN95? See the Mustang 2001 and other neat pics at Watchdevil's Mustang page.

5/30 How do you take a stang to 12 seconds in the 1/4 ? Check out Lane's "Fastlane" page. Pics & sounds also.

The July '98 issue of Motor Trend Magazine features the Camaro SS vs the Roush Mustang GT. Also see a Motortrend / SVT project SOHC GT Stang !

Visit the South Central Kansas Mustang club, cool events, stangs and more.

Mustangworld: Try Our Mustang Search. Search or sell nationwide, see what price Stangs are selling for in your area. Free listings!

You'll want to head on over to for some cool World Ford Challenge Pics to check out.

Want to drop a 351 into your stang, engine swap kits and more at D&D Automotive, neat photo archive also.

SSG performance has some cool SFI approved flywheels for the 4.6L, and other cool parts.

See some nice photos of Barry's '94 GT at his web shrine, side exhaust and more.

You'll want to check out Freak Racing, for great Mustang open road racing info, Silver State Classic and more.

Don't miss G's Fakestangs, Mustangs with round lights, the "rice stang" project and more, really neat !

5/4 Latest links: Ray's Cobra page, killer pics of his red '94 Cobra. The Music City Mustang Club, in Tennessee? You may want to join, events, specials, etc.

5/2 How about a site for 2.3L 4-cyl Mustang / SVO performance ! Check out 4-Performance. w/techboard.

5/2 Check out Dean's '97 Cobra and SVT related links.

5/2 Check out Sun Coast Creations ram-air hood system for your stang.

4/29 Latest Links: The North County Mustang Club (NY) - nice members stang pics, meets, etc. The Ford V8 Engine Workshop - nice buildup info & V6 Mustang Central - nice '94 V6 feature and other info.

4/29 Mustang part manufacturer BBK jumps into cyberspace, check out their site

4/29 Save Face. White, red and yellow faced gauge kits available for your V6, GT or Cobra Mustang at NR auto accessories. - thanks Mario.

4/29 Heres one of the best stang concept drawings we've seen. Drawn by great automotive talent B.Wowak. He modifies his sketches and keeps them up do date as well on his webpage. Virtually all pre-release info on the '99 Mustang can be found there also.

Wowak's '99 Concept Drawing

4/23 We goofed! Here's's new URL ! New stang pics, real racers! Please update your links.

4/20 Don't forget to vote for the Mustang as a U.S. postal stamp ! Voting starts May 3rd to the 31'st ! Thanks Alan of PMM !

4/20 If you live in the S.F. Bay Area you may want to join the Bay Area Mustang Association, for fun, events, etc.

4/18 What do Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bruce Jenner and Rambo have in common? They were all code names for Mustang concepts. Check out Pam's Mustang Madness for interesting stang history and the pics.

4/15 Our good friend Damon has hacked "Burnout" the computer game and started a Burnout message board on his site. Check it out.

4/15 See David's '91 LX 5.0 on his webpage, other stang pics also !

4/13 Ford World News releases a pic and specs of the 1999 Mustang.

4/13 Check out Michelle and Anthony's red '97 Cobra, great pics & specs !

4/7 A cool Mustang Cobra R bumper and hood kit can be seen at Wings West. Oh and wings also !

4/7 Don't have a nice garage to park your stang in? Check out some Pac West trailers and covers for your stang.

3/30 Some killer pics and articles about the '98 Cobra convertible can be found at

3/30 A bunch of cool Mustang parts and software tools can be found at Internet Racers Supply - thanks John.

3/30 Check out primo '85 & '83 stang projects at Autonut's Automotive Acropolis!

3/28 You've heard us mention the Panoz Roadster (with the 4.6L DOHC) before, but you can actually buy one at Sawgrass Ford.

3/26 Here's a cool friend we've known for close to 10 years, check out his awesome stang !

3/26 Check out what is probably the hottest drag race game to date ! Burnout by Bethsoft ! Review here soon.

3/26 We'd like to welcome McNew's Automotive in Dillsburg PA to the Net, for Ford performance parts, on-line catalog.
3/26 Have you checked out the Mobil 1 World Ford ? - Thanks Greg.

3/20 Check out this red hot '95 stang at Mustang Mania, Cobra R rims, timeslip and more.

3/20 Are you going to the Mobil 1 World Ford Challenge ? Sign up here and also see whos going.

3/19 An interesting article about the legacy of the '86 - '93 Mustangs can be found in the April issue of Road & Track magazine.

3/18 Check out Jason's Modular page, cool stang pics and info !

3/18 You have a hot '83-'93 stang, but you want a 500SL benz? Check this out. Thanx2 Eric Stangman for finding this. What do you think?

3/4 The Insurance News network has great QnA info about how to prevent your stang from getting stolen, vandalized and more !

3/4 Auburn Performance releases an entire line of products for the 3.8L V6 Mustang, chips and Mas Air.

3/4 Check out the The Minneapolis/St. Paul Racing Scene! Some cool stang pics also.

3/2 SVE's John Coletti on the future of the 4.6L Hope you got a chance to see the great 590HP Super Stallion on MotorTrend T.V. One neat thing about the show, when asked how to respond to the Ford fans about the death of the 5.0 pushrod small block, John replied "All I can tell the Ford fans is it was a great motor, but we've got a better one to replace it with... trust us on this one and stay tuned... what they are going to see these engines put out is going to make the old small block look like a flat head after a few years." All we here at Mustangworld can say is "cool" - Mustangworld

2/25 Tons of Ford related news can be found at !

2/24 Randy & Cindy have created a killer 4.6L '96 GT stang, cobra rims, and more !

2/17 John B. has a cool '96 cobra, check out his trophy win and his stang pics! on his website.

2/15 Check out some phunny 5.0 street race stories & more at Fiveodude's street racing page.

2/20 Fatigue Cracks in 4.6L plastic upper intake You may have received a notice from Ford about possible fatigue cracks in the 4.6L SOHC plastic upper intake ('96 models in the area near the front). Many have emailed us concerned about this notice, but with no leaks in their stangs. We also received a notice. If you notice coolant loss or overheating of your engine (due to coolant loss) because of a crack in the plastic upper intake, then you'll need to get it replaced (free) at the dealer. This plan covers all Mustang owners (original and secondary owners) for 7 years after the issue date of the TSB. On our '96 4.6L project stang we notice no problems, so we won't be taking in our stang for service until we notice a problem. Ford says the leaks may develop near the front of the intake manifold, behind the alternator and only covers leaks from this area. We may end up taking our stang in 1 week before the 7 year time period is up :-) - Mustangworld

2/15 Play the Splitfiretm performance "V" challenge. Win a chance for an all expense-paid trip to the NHRA finals in Pomona, CA.

2/15 Marty's Mustang Ranch has a cool pony of the month, info and chat. check it out.

2/7 Mustang clubs are cool, and the Mustang Club of Central PA has some cool pics and info, check it out!

2/7 Check out Clay's '89 LX 5.0 on his webpage. He did a great job making it like new. Many pics!

2/3 Houston Motorsports had another "Dyno Day" check out day II with lots of awesome engine and stang pics ! It's in their tech / tips section.

2/1 JC Whitney is finally online ! This is one of the largest mail order part houses around, for all makes of autos, from tires to ECC diagnostic testers, they got it.

1/28 The Broncos won the Super Bowl, which is good news for John Elway and the Ford Dealership that he owns!

Ross's 93 Cobra photo.
Lavon's 91 GT

In case you can't read the text above it says: Ross Smith's 1993 Mustang Cobra romped through the field to claim the championship for Moroso's 5.0 shootout sponsored by Route 66 performance. Prepared by Central Florida Motorsports, Smith's Cobra is powered by Vortech Mondo supercharged 310 with Street heat heads and an ECC-IV with an extender. The car has run a best of 9.82 / 140.

What more can we say ! Mahalito ! - Mustangworld

1/26 Lavon's '91 GT !  Lavon found his stang on the internet after 3 months of searching. It's a '91 Black w/grey leather. Check it:

Lavon's 91 GT photo.
Lavon's 91 GT

Boy, that's a clean stang ! With a Powerdyne 6 lb supercharger, 73 mm MAS, K&N filter, Cold air inducted, Accel wires, NGK V groove cold plugs, Kenny Brown Braces - Strut tower, welded sub frames, 4 pt G-load, BFG 245/50ZR16's all around and Carbon-metallic brake pads, he should have no problem getting from point a to b ! The '87 - '93 5.0 Mustangs represent (we believe) the best bang for the buck of any car in the world today, new or used ! Hot stang ! - Mustangworld

1/24 Ford Moving Main office of Lincoln Mercury to Irvine  The firm hopes the shift will aid development of new products and reinvigorate moribund vehicle lines. DETROIT - Underscoring Southern California's importance as an automotive trendsetter, Ford Motor Co. on Thursday announced plans to move it's Lincoln Mercury headquarters to Irvine. The surprise move is a bold attempt by Ford to reinvigorate the moribund Lincoln and Mercury vehicle lines by immersing key development executives in California's creative culture. Although important symbolically for Southern California, which has emerged as a leading center of automotive design and marketing, the new headquarters will have no more than 150 employees. Ford becomes the first of the Big Three auto makers to move a vehicle division headquarters outside of Michigan. In doing so, it is making an important statement that the best ideas don't always come from Detroit. "This is a radical and unprecedented for a domestic automaker," said Wes Brown, an analyst for Nextrend, an auto consulting firm in Thousand Oaks. Jim O'Connor, general manager of Lincoln Mercury said the move will give the division more independence from Dearborn-based Ford to develop new designs and products that will appeal to younger import buyers. "We want a whole new mind set," he said. "We are challenging prior assumptions and thinking differently." Lincoln Mercury's headquarters is in downtown Detroit. No workers will be laid off there, but they will be given the option of relocating or being reassigned in Michigan. Ford already has a design studio in Valencia and has assigned several designers to work on development of new Lincoln Mercury vehicles for global markets, officials said. "We chose California because it is a place where so many automotive trends are born," said James Rogers, Lincoln Mercury marketing manager. "We felt that moving here would give us a window on what is new and fresh in the automotive world." - Donald W. Nauss & John O'Dell, Times staff writers.

This means that we will be close by also ! - Mustangworld

1/19 Houston Motorsports gets a new address and some new articles in their tips section, including an incredible Powerdyne blower install and more, with pic

1/17 How much fun you have in your stang is almost directly related to weather conditions, check out for tons of weather info!

1/15 For some great info on the '98 Stang visit JD & Mona's webpage. Don't miss the pic of their actual '98 GT window sticker!

1/15 Want more pics? Check out Nick's Mustang Picture Archive. For all model year stangs.

1/14 Got into a fender bender ? Get new urathane bumpers or fine chrome plating at Faith Plating Co. Don't miss their fine lady models section as well!

1/14 The Cobra is one real inspiring stang, check out, a design business named after it!

1/14 Check out some drag racer's hot stangs, pics and timeslips from Rock Falls Raceway.

1/13 Talk about an enthusiast, Chris Hoff took his V6 stang to 260HP, then got a V8 and took that to 700HP! Check out "The Beast " story on his cool page.

1/12 What is OBDII, really ? Read this article from a great site Road Tested and find out. All '96 and newer stangs have OBD II spec computers.

1/10 Check out some awesome Cobra pics and stuff at Mustang Ladies, females that know & own serious horsepower !

1/10 BXR has a new intake manifold for 5.0 stangs. It features a unique front inlet, check it out.

12/24 Ok now you want to race a 400HP Winston Cup car or truck ? WOW ! Do it at Mesa Marin Raceway !

12/24 Mustangs rock the world ! Check out Stangman's awesome page tons of cool pics from Amsterdam ! Rock on dude !

12/30 Check out these cool members 5.0 pics at Strictly 5.0 Motorsports Racing Club.

12/29 Some cool Mustang pics can be found at the Fr. 5.0 connection. Dont miss Father Lessard's personal Mustang !

12/29 Central Florida Motorsports has an on-line catalog for some cool stang parts.

12/29 Ford recall info Check out this recall info from CNN (ap) on some 1998 4.6L stangs. This news link no longer exists, please contact your Ford dealer for more info on this recall that affects a small number of 1998 Mustangs.

Thanks to Dave. for looking out for this info. - Mustangworld

12/24 There are some speciality cars that use the Mustang Corba's 32V DOHC V8 engine, check out the incredible Panoz Roaster.

12/18 Drive a HOT race prepped Mustang on a road race course at Bondurant school of racing !

12/18 Free intake mod First off, some background info: You must have a K & N air filter because these filters are washable and more durable than the stock paper element. You must also be skilled at using a Dremel moto tool. Note: K & N makes another "kit" called a "Filtercharger" FIPK (Filtercharger injection performance kit), this is not just the air filter element alone, this is a "special kit" that includes a K&N air filter and a metal bracket that allows you to run your air filter element completely exposed for better volumetric air flow, this kit from K&N replaces your stock air box. A K&N air filter "alone" costs around $40. The  K&N "Filtercharger injection performance kit" kit costs around $89. This is one mod that basically turns your "stock" air box into a "Filtercharger"  FIPK type system, and will run your air filter completely exposed.

This was a mod that was sent in by Mike. He used a Dremel moto tool to cut the factory air filter housing to run the K&N air filter completely exposed. Using the cutoff wheel and sanding drum bits. He used sand paper to clean up the edges.  For '96 - '98 Mustang GT's & Cobras. Great Job ! It looks factory ! For those who don't want to cut their housings, K&N makes their "Filtercharger" FIPK system that you can buy to get the same effect as below for $89. Mike took this cool photo of his engine and we added the text labels for clarity.

 Intake Mod photo.
Photo owned and taken by Mike.

Great job on the air filter mod Mike ! Looks cool also ! Again.... (to everyone) if you try this yourself, you do so at your own risk! We'll be archiving this mod in our "how to" section in the future - Mustangworld

12/18 Ford Motor Co. was formed for less than the price of a new Mustang Cobra convertible ! Check out some Ford history and some Model T links.

12/16 The future of the Stang ? "On a recent trip to dearborn, the company decided they'd give the dealers a little present:  A presentation showing the entire Ford line-up until 2000.  When the Mustang came around, they decided to throw out some info and stats. This information is fact.  The Mustang WILL have independant rear suspension.  The GT will have 265HP.  The motor type/size was not specified.  They showed off some pictures.  Apparently they were short clips, and it was hard for my father to commit details to memory, but one thing he claims stood out were the side scoops, which he describes as larger, more angular, and more like a Trans Am racer.  I've compived something of a prototype image based on my father's info and scattered spy-shots.  Also, Ford will be rotating it's cars every two years, which means the Mustang will remain in that form through 2000, but will be changed again for 2001.  Of course, Ford is famous for stretching every last model year out of a platform, but the FOX almost definitely goes bye-bye for 2001.  But don't worry, we won't be losing our rear drive.  Ford loves to get extra models out of the platforms it develops, and they're putting plenty of money into the baby Lincoln/Jaguar.  The Stang will get those underpinnings.  Of course, NO ONE has heard about the '99 Cobra, except for SVT, and SVE recently proved that a DOHC 5.4 fits in a Stang with their Super-Stallion..". --WOWAK

 Mustang Concept Drawing .
Concept Drawing by B. Wowak


Thankz for the info WOWAK !!! BTW B.Wowak also drew the concept photo above based on several info sources, that's a helluva good drawing ! Also, his father is a Ford dealer! The info above was privileged info for some dealerships. Let's see what the future holds... Also check out his website for some more Mustang pics and cool artwork !  - Mustangworld

12/15 BOSS / Shinoda Program in high gear Larry Shinoda designs are timeless and will be available for years to come. The Boss program is still in high gear... You can also have your Mustang upgraded to an authorized badged Shinoda Mustang! read this message below - Mustangworld

For those who might be interested the Boss/Shinoda Mustang program is still in full operation.  If you would like to get the current Authorized parts and accessories from Larry Shinoda please contact me via Email or  Richard Meditz at Dallas Mustang Parts at 1 800 MUSTANG.  We would be happy to send you a price sheet and other information requested.

Thank you...  James M. Klok, Manager, Boss/Shinoda Performance Mustang, Dallas Mustang Parts.

12/15 Hard Driver Oil Filter We've reported on this a while ago (because it's cool) but in case you forgot, Hard Driver is the first automotive oil filter made from 100% synthetic microfibers called Syntron(TM).  Because Syntron(TM) microfibers are smaller and more uniform than the paper (cellulose) used in conventional oil filters, they keep oil cleaner and reduce engine wear by trapping up to five times more engine-damaging grit. Now available for purchase On-line ! Perfect for your brand new Mustang ! Check it out at Mustangworld

12/8 For more pics of Dave Wagner's '94 Boss Shinoda stang visit his webpage.

12/4 Check out Houston Motorsports ! Their "Dyno day" event brought some incredible stangs with pics ! Located in the "tech tips" section.

12/4 Looking for parts off a wreked GT? Cobra? Rims, fenders, lights and more at Mustang Parts Specialties inc.

12/4 Motor Trend Magazine January 1998 issue, check out the cool 5.4L Street Legal 590HP Mustang ! Built by Ford's SVE (Special Vehicle Engineering) Team, independent rear suspension, the works... For more info (possibly) visit - Mustangworld

12/1 Mustang history Dave C. put together an excellent History of the Mustang from 1964 1/2 to 1998 with pics ! It's located in the photo gallery section. Very educational.

12/1 See & Hear Tim Allen's Arr, Arr, Arr and the Stang goes RRR !

 Tim Allen's Saleen Race Car (side shot).

112k .wav Click here  to hear this RRR beast ! Look at the photo above while you play the sound for the best effect :-)

Thanks to Dave Wagner for sending in the cool sound and pic ! - Mustangworld

12/1 Check out These pics of Dave Wagner's Boss Shinoda Mustang !

 Dave's '94 Boss Shinoda with a Girl from Hooters (side shot).
Photo Tamara Caulkins.

 Dave's '94 Boss Shinoda Stang (rear shot). Here's another cool rear shot of Dave W.'s Stang.

About the only problem you'll have with a cool Mustang..... is always finding pretty girls standing next to it.... Thanks for the pic Dave W.- Mustangworld

11/30 Check out some Stang pics and Java pics at Jeff's Mustangs of the internet.

11/21 Check out official Ford News on 1998 SVT Mustang Cobra refinements and special financing info.

From our reporter in the field Dave C. - Mustangworld

11/19 Larry Shinoda passes away on Nov 13. "Another automotive icon slips into history"..

We think Mustang Monthly magazine said it best "Another automotive icon slips into history"... "One of the most talented automotive designers of his time"... If you drive a Mustang, Corvette, or a Camaro Z28, Larry Shinoda has touched you in some way. Designer of the original "Boss 302" Mustang ,1963 Corvette, and countless other cars. You can read a nicely written tribute to Larry at We could not believe it when we first heard about this event here at Mustangworld, perhaps the best tribute is that his spirit will live on through the timeless beauty of his designs.

>>We have to thank Roger (his Shinoda Boss Mustang below) for letting us know about this sad event. - Mustangworld

Roger's '95 Boss Shinoda .

 Roger's '95 Boss Shinoda Stang.   Roger's '95 Boss Shinoda Stang. Pic 2

It is a '95 Mustang GT with Boss Graphics added. It is canary yellow and basically factory except for underdrive pulleys, flow masters, and the boss graphics but it really gets the looks... You bet it does... Great job on the Stang Roger ! - Mustangworld

Here's Bob Cardoza's '95 Boss Shinoda

 Bob's '95 Boss Shinoda Stang.

Nice side exhaust.. - Mustangworld

Here's Dave Wagner's '94 Boss Shinoda

 Dave's '94 Boss Shinoda Stang.    Dave's '94 Boss Shinoda Engine  Pic.  Dave's '94 Boss Shinoda Rear.

Mods include: Dynomax Side Exhaust, Factory Chrome Wheels, Front boss spoiler, billet grille, underdrive pulleys, MAC 1-5/8 headers, Louvers, Accell iginition, Taylor Spiro Pro Wires, K&N,. It took 3rd Place at the Carlilse, PA "All Ford Nationals" last year in June.

Great job on the "Boss" dave !  Look at that little Boss stang on the upper intake ! Great ! - Mustangworld

11/19 You can see and hear Travis's killer 4.6L Mustang  at his Mustang shrine !

11/16 Check out Motorsports Digest, look at their Mustang performance section and pics !

11/16 Check out some cool late model stang pics at the SN-95 Stable

11/14 Check out some NEW Mustang racing pics from Watkins Glen at Car Craft Performance.

11/10 We  featured: Shannon Marie Codner in our Pin-up girl section ! Click on the link to see her web page.

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