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Robert S' 89 CHP stang & Ranger 95 Splash

This car is a 89 chp car with 200,000 miles i got it for 1,000$ and all parts I put on i have had kicking around for some time.

This car has been set on fire so i dont have any interior right now but i am getting full sheetmetal with cage soon. along with that mods as of now r cobra intake, equal length headers, off road h pipe (all freebies) american thunder flow cat back system, manual rack and pinion, motorsport caster/camber plates, springs and kyb's.

It's been on fire :-)

I have the bfg drag radials out back and am installing nos this week. when I blow this old motor i am going to do the following mods 347 stroker, gt40 head, cobra intake, 24# injectors,etc,etc with bbk full length headers w/off road pipe, 4.10 gears w/slicks out back for traction running 150 shot of nos. I am hoping with the weight of the car to run in the low 11's.



This is my daily driver it is a 95 ranger splash. I have on order from bbk the instacharger for over a year now and they say i will have it in the next month i have heard that for a full year now, but when i get it i will add that to the following mod's bbk headers with 3 inch single exhaust thru a flow. bbk throttle body and vortec mass air flow sensor. That is all the eng mods out there with out going into the eng for stroker kit or what not. they dont make heads for it otherwise those would be on it.

Interior Ihave a shift light, boost gauge, white faced gauge's and stock interior. any way for the outside it has custom paint loward 3/4 with air bags and 17x9 cobra r's.


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