Select Stangs's 05 Project GT

We finally got around to buying one for ourselves, and we'll just say, that this is the best Mustang ever ! Here in California, we had to pay a premium price tag for it as the GT models are in very short supply.

The Mustang is the hottest selling sportscar on the market right now and summer is here ! So we are glad we got one.

Since this is a daily driver in stop n go traffic, we got it in a 5 speed automatic other options were leather, Interior upgrade package, Shaker 1000 and the rims, basically we got all the options.

We are going to be customizing it so we wanted to grab a few pics of the car in it's stock form which also looks amazing.

Cudos to Ford once again for raising the bar and producing the best Mustang the world has ever seen. As Ferris would say... we highly recommend getting one, it's so "choice".


Til next time.. see ya on the street !

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