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Kevin P's 89 25th LX 5.0
aka Kevins89notch5.0

This is Kevin's bone stock 1989 25th anniversary Notchback. He just bought it for 4250.00 from the origional owner with only 79,000 miles. He only drives it on nice days. On bad days, he drives his 88 LX 2.3 around. He just won best 1979-1993 Mustang at Ford Fun Weekend, Cordova Dragway on September 10th.

As soon as it comes out of storage next spring, he plans on getting subframe connectors, BBK Longtube headers, an offroad H-pipe, Flowmasters, 3:73s, a Pro 5.0 shifter, 245/50 out back, and 225/50 up front, mounted on 91-93 5-star rims. Being he just turned 17, these mods may take a while due to the lack on money. He is also proud to say that he has paid cash for both of his Mustangs, and has earned every penny of it through his two jobs.


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