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Matt's 88 GT

My Mustang (the white one) and my friends (the blue one) who also has an 88 GT.

I purchased this 1988 GT two months ago. It is my first Mustang at age 17. I paid for it completely by myself with no parental help. It had the following modifications already applied when I bought it:

K/N Conical Filter
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Flowtech Shorty Headers
2 Chamber Flowmasters
SVO Aluminum Driveshaft

I put the MustangWorld bumper and side skirt inserts in one week after getting it.

It has already had 11 trips down the 1320 over the past two months with a best timeslip of:

R/T: .692
60': 2.295
330': 6.212
1/8: 9.424
MPH: 75.86
1000' 12.215
1/4: 14.550
MPH: 96.73

Many modifications over time are planned including:

3.73/4.10 Gears
Subframe Connectors
Ported Cobra Upper/Lower Intake
75MM Throttle Body
Roller Rockers
MSD 6AL Ignition
Mass Air Conversion
Speedbrain Computer Replacement
Tremec 3550 Tranny
Dual Friction Centerforce Clutch
Drag Radials of some sort
etc... (if I left some major component out)

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